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Monthly Subscription For All AQA A-Level Question Banks

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You will recieve access to all AQA A-Level question banks for as little as £4.99 per month. This will include all question banks available on the Shopify page and will be updated as soon as any new question banks go live. 

This is a great option for those looking to use these question banks for the long term and are hesistant to buy the product one-time.

All downloadable files are available on purchase, automatically assigning permissions to the user based on their email address. 

Subscriptions can, of course, be cancelled but only before the next month's payment. If you do this, you will still have access to the question banks until the subscription period ends.

The question bank files will lock after this subscription period and you will no longer be able to use them. 

The content of these question banks are not in the possession of the company. As they are free to access and download from examboard websites, we are monetising the service of collectiong these questions into a bank - this is what customers are paying for. The aim of this company is not to make a profit, merely to provide teachers/pupils with educational resources at a low and very affordable price and these fees are to compensate for the time and effort needed to create these resources. Upon consulting legal advice, we believe this is perfectly inline with copyright and intellectual property rights. Despite that, if anyone (either examboard representatives or general customers) have any concerns, do let us know using the contact us page and we will be sure to respond, making any adjustments needed.

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