An extensive range of locked papers from all AQA, Edexcel and OCR qualifications below.

If you are looking for OCR resources, please contact us using the online chat box or the form that can be found on the "Contact" page.

Note: Our intention is not to provide papers for cheating in mock examinations but as a useful revision tool to prepare for the summer examinations. We strongly advise customers against this, as mock examinations are greatly beneficial to students but this benefit is negated if you have already seen the paper. There is no benefit to cheating as these examinations will not inform your final grade in the summer (in fact, learning your weaknesses by sitting the mock properly will be much more likely to allow you to achieve a higher grade). As such, we will not "match" a paper to a picture of your leaked paper.

We will absolutely NOT provide any papers for a examination series currently in session, not least because these papers are kept under high security (as they should be) to ensure the validity of the examination. Even if there is a leak, our policy still applies.