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Edexcel GCSE Locked June 2023 Papers with Mark Schemes.

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Edexcel GCSE Locked June 2023 Papers with Mark Schemes

Upon purchase, you will receive a digitally downloadable folder containing all the locked 2023 June papers for the qualification along with markschemes. 

We understand that there are lots many "sellers" of these papers who indeed scam their costumers. Therefore, we use Shopify secure checkout which means that you are fully protected for any purchase and hopefully gives you peace of mind.

Our intention is not to provide papers for cheating in mock examinations but as a useful revision tool and we advise customers to not use the product for this purpose, as mock examinations can be greatly beneficial to students but not if they have already seen the paper.

Please ensure that you pick the correct specfication when purchasing. We will provide replacement papers if there has been a genuine mistake, however this does take longer to process.